Full Contact Debate is a multiplayer online game that pits players against each other in fun challenges based around America's political system.  Players can choose from a variety of political figures to represent their cause.  Gameplay modes vary from Capture the Flag to Oust mode all the while keeping the spirit of political action in mind.  As players rack up victories in the online battles they represent their political figure of choice in the polls which form the basis of a larger metagame.

The action in Full Contact Debate is primarily combat based.  Players can use ranged weapons in addition to melee attacks to knock each other around.  The twist is that players cannot die.  This is a debate metaphor.  In real debates politicians push each other around, figuratively speaking of course.  Thus the combat in Full Contact Debate keeps the true spirit of politics alive.  You can push right and left but there's always a chance for your opponent to come back at you.