Q: Why can't I kill people in this game?

A: Because that's what you do in every other game!  Full Contact Debate has some gameplay innovations.  One of those being that players get pushed around instead of killed.  In our open beta CTF level this means you cannot kill someone to stop them from taking the flag.  What you can do however is wait for them to attempt to return the flag at their base and then knock it from their hands and touch it to return it to your base.  We realize this actually requires some strategy but considering we're dealing with presidential candidates and debate we don't think this is out of line.  Don't complain about it.  Just think outside the box.

Q: I cannot seem to host or join games and sometimes the server crashes when I play, what's the problem?

A: A firewall or router blocking the game can stop other people from joining your game and can cause a joining player to crash a server. Make sure that Full Contact Debate is unblocked or is listed as an exception through any software firewalls. Additionally, you may need to log into your router and enable port forwarding . To do so open your web browser and enter, unless you've changed the range of IP addresses for your local network is typically the default address of a router. Full Contact Debate uses ports 28000 - 28002. Different routers have different port forwarding interfaces but the basic premise is to list Full Contact Debate as the application, enter the port range, and enter the IP address of the computer you plan to play on. To find out your local IP address go to Network Connections, double click on the active connection (usually your Local Area Network or Wireless connection), then on the Support tab. The IP address listed in that dialog is the IP address you want to enable port forwarding for.

Q: I want to play Full Contact Debate but the system requirements won't allow my system to play, what's being done so more people can get in the game?

A: This is now solved, there are 3 version of Full Contact Debate, the original DX9 shader model PC version, a Mac version, and a low spec non-shader model PC version.  Note, the low spec PC version and the Mac version are compatible with each other in multiplayer!

Q: I like the team aspect of the game but why isn't there an independent option and why can I be a Republican and choose a Democratic candidate or vice versa?

A: We really do want to support all aspects of the political system with solid representative gameplay and we do realize that the initial exclusion of an independent option doesn't completely represent the US political landscape. However, at its core Full Contact Debate is a game and we needed to balance certain aspects in a more traditional sense. Playing Capture the Flag at the Reflecting Pool for example is best served as a 2-party game. That doesn't rule out future modes of play however. If a locale seems right for 3-party gameplay we won't hesitate to implement it.  

Additionally, in real life voters reserve the right to vote across party lines and that is represented in the game. A registered Democrat might vote for John McCain and a registered Republican might vote for Barack Obama. In Full Contact Debate gamers can choose their party affiliation and their candidate of choice independently.