The Full Contact Debate  open beta is live! Download the game from one of mirrors and invite your friends!

PC : Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Mac: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

*Note, we've removed the high spec (DX9 Shaders) build for now

Please keep in mind this is a beta. There will be some bugs in the gameplay and there will be some things that just don't feel quite right yet, but we're working on it ;) Please register on our forums to leave feedback on any issues you encounter. Some known issues:

-Windows Firewall can cause crashes if the game isn't exempted.  A joining player can still play the game but eventually (typically on mission cycles) the joiner's firewall causes the server to crash.

-Xinput (Xbox 360 Control) has some issues with the anlog sticks not responding.  Typically this results in the vehicles not feeling like they have any brakes or in characters running slow. Simply releasing the analog and then going back to it will reset it and let you continue on.  We're working to fix this issue.

-Player Animations aren't perfect we used a rig that satisfied everything we needed in terms of gameplay and are working on a solution that looks better.

-No Dedicated servers, we'll resolve this soon although we don't expect it to be much of an issue.  It's a small matter of some code shuffling to get this going.

* Update, dedicated servers can now be hosted with the low spec PC version, coming soon to the other builds.